Atlantic MP16 MP16A S17 S17A uv lamp

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Atlantic MP16 MP16A S17 S17A uv lamp

This UV replacement lamp is compatible with the Atlantic UV MP16, MP16A, S17, and S17A ultraviolet water treatment system. We guarantee this uv bulb. to be a perfect fit and work correctly in your uv unit.

Other part numbers this lamp is called:

05-1098. 22001, GPH303T5L


Atlantic UVå¨ is the registered trademark of Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporationå¨, the manufacturer of the Mighty Pure å¨ ultraviolet systems. is not affiliated or in association with Atlantic UVå¨. We do not sell originally branded Atlantic UVå¨ products. however sells different brands of ultraviolet lamps and replacement parts that are compatible with Atlantic UVå¨ systems and are of equal or greater quality.