Sterilight BA-E36122 Ballast

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BA-E36122 Sterilight ballast

This BA-E36122 Sterilight Ballast is a two lamp electronic ballast which is the replacement for the BA-E3612 Ballast This ballast will only work if both lamps are firing, it will shut its self down after one minute if there is a lamp failure. This ballast fire's 36" lamps only.

Special Note:

This ballast is for the following models: S24Q,S24Q,S24Q/2,S24Q-GOLD,S24Q-GOLD/2,SSW-4,SSW-4/2,SSWW-4/2,SSW-6,SSW-6/2,SSWW-6,SSWW-6/2,SUV24-100P &SUV24-100P/2