Sterilight S8RL/4P uv lamp for S8QA 12QA, and SUV 24-100 systems

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S8RL/4P uv lamp

This is a Sterilight S8RL/4P replacement lamp for the old style Sterilight uv systems. 

What systems does this UV bulb fit?

  • S8QA
  • S8QAUV
  • S12QA
  • S12QAUV
  • S24QA
  • S24QAUV
  • SUV 24-100

This lamp goes by the following part numbers:

S8RL/4P , S8RL-4P


Sterilight is the registered trademark of R-Can/Viqua Companies, the manufacturer of the Sterilight¨ ultraviolet systems. UVLIGHTBULBS.COM is not affiliated or in association with R-Can/Viqua Companies.¨. We do not sell originally branded Sterilight¨ products. UVLIGHTBULBS.COM however sells different brands of ultraviolet lamps and replacement parts that are compatible with S8RL/4P systems and are of equal or greater quality.